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About Me

Since 1987 I took my first contact with the world of communication I did not want to stop being part of it . At the time I made my living as a messenger of the TVG ( Television of Galicia / Spain ) . I was, therefore , the closest thing to what we know as a link retransmissions. Although it sounds like a joke, in fact it is not so . Currently television links are used for almost everything and there are new technologies for getting images from one place to another like a cakewalk. But at the end of the eighties such technology deployment reserved for rare occasions. So , although this was not the messaging in what I thought when I had the opportunity to enter the world of communication, allowed me to be part of the complex network of information services of a television , at the wheel of a motorcycle 250 cc that kept on tenterhooks reporters, producers , directors and other elements of the information chain . If I did not reach the tape studies on time, there was simply no news. Now that was responsible !

Alongside my professional and always driven by my interest in communication founded, along with a group of friends, a free radio station . Free of charge political and economic unprejudiced dogmas formal and professional . Clavi Radio could be heard for more than two years and meant to me a real real journalism school .

These are , broadly speaking , personal experiences that allowed me to enter the world of professional information . Since then , through my own actions and , more to the fortune , I worked as a press photographer , television reporter , editor ... I kept gaining experience as head of a producer of TV and the direction of a local television station to get to where I am now after I become a freelance audiovisual production in 1990 . In this field I have played all the clubs . Screenplay, cinematography, editing , production, speech ... I have dedicated to advertising, corporate and institutional content , provision of content for museums, music videos , short fiction ...

Currently I already have many years focused on the production of documentaries , a genre very flexible in all aspects , from those related to the content and to the forms . And I feel very comfortable here because this genre suits my own professional and personal fulfillment . Besides being involved in making documentaries produced by other producers, my own production films production company works round the hundred .

On this site I hope to provide a reliable description of who I am and what I do to you , all you who are looking for those content to include program schedules to media that you represent , you do not see ever betrayed your expectations .

Here I am and some examples of my work. Nothing more than that.

Count of me

OWN PRODUCTION - If you are a programmer of some media, may find among my productions some work that interests you to complete your program schedule . ( CATALOGUE )

EXECUTIVE PRODUCTION - If you represent the production department of any media you might want to count on me to produce some work you need but for which you do not have the necessary means . Tell me what you need and only have to worry about giving the nod to the completion of the work.

PRODUCTION SUPPORT - If you 're interested producer can count on me to be part of your team in paragraphs direction, screenplay, cinematography or editing. It is also possible that your production sets of parallel jobs you prefer to delegate.

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